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The Conveyancing Transfer Process

The conveyancing transfer process is a critical procedure that facilitates the smooth handover of ownership from seller to purchaser. This process entails the involvement of multiple parties, each fulfilling a vital role in the transfer process.

At the core of the conveyancing transfer process are attorneys, whose expertise is paramount in navigating the legal complexities with meticulous care and precision. There are three distinct groups of attorneys involved, each specialising in different aspects of the transfer process,

1. Conveyancing Attorney

The Conveyancing attorney attending to the transfer of the property from the name of the seller(s) to the name of the purchaser(s) in the Deeds Office.

2. Bond Registration Attorney

If the purchaser is taking out a bond, the bank issuing the bond will appoint an attorney to register it over the property in the Deeds Office.

3. Bond Cancellation Attorney

In the case of an existing bond on the property in the name of the seller, the bank holding the current bond will appoint cancellation attorneys to cancel it in the Deeds Office.


Therefor all three attorneys need to lodged their documents simultaneously at the Deeds Office. (See diagram of the steps in the transfer process below.)


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