Tess Williams

Family Law

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About Tess

Tess Williams acquired her LLB degree in 2017 from UFS and is currently serving her articles at our firm. Tess assists in all our departments including marketing.  Tess is our class clown and keeps our office up to date with the ‘in’ sayings.

Tess Williams joined the firm in January 2018 as a Candidate Attorney. Tess will be admitted as an attorney of the High Court of South Africa in February 2020.

Tess graduated with her LL.B degree from the University of the Free State in 2017. She completed the part time Legal School of Practice in 2018 while working. She so far enjoys criminal and family law.

Tess is extremely passionate about Rhinos and anti-poaching. She plans to dedicate a part of her legal career to eradicate their plight. She believes that it is our responsibility as South Africans to support the fight against poaching and to protect our rhinos. If we neglect that duty it will lead to the extinction of our Rhinos. “Our Flora and Fauna would be poorer for it. South Africa would no longer be the safe home of one of the “Big Five”, as it is known all over the world.” As quoted in the Lemtongthai v S judgement.

Some quirks about Tess is that she has 2 horses and is an avid horse rider. Also, Tess does not do well with sharing food – so no tasters off her plate!